What are Daily Affirmations?

Affirmation – the act of confirming something to be true, a written or oral statement that confirms something is true

Do you find doubt and negative thoughts stopping you from moving forward and achieving your goals?

Are you always second guessing yourself?

Do you let other people’s opinions weigh you down?

Are your past ‘failures’ holding you back?

Daily Affirmations Will Help

Your words are powerful.

You can use them to turn negative self-talk into positive change.

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that help to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts.

When repeated often, affirmations will help you make real change.

4 Steps to Making Your Affirmations

1. Identify your Goals

What do you want?

What will make you happy?

Don’t worry about when or how it will happen, just write down what you want.

Be specific. The more detail you include, the more real it will become.

For example:

  • ‘I want to lose 20 kgs’
  • ‘I want to make $10,000 a month in my business’

2. Identify What You Need to Achieve Your Goals

List between four to six attributes you need to achieve your goals.

For example:

  • Self control
  • Work ethic
  • Consistency

3. Create Your Affirmations

Now that you have your goals and attributes written down, it’s time to create your affirmations

Your affirmation statements should be no more than two sentences – the shorter the better.

Use the present tense – believing that you have already achieved your goals is incredibly powerful.

For example:

Instead of saying ‘I will have enough self-control to lose 20 kgs by Christmas’

Say, ‘I reached my goal weight with ease’

Instead of saying, ‘I will make $10,000 this month’

Say, ‘I am easily making $10,000 a month’

4. Practice Your Affirmations

Make sure you repeat your affirmation daily.

Visualise your affirmations. As you read your affirmations, take the time to imagine what it will be like when you achieve your goal.

Use music to help you feel the emotion behind your affirmation.

Use images to make your affirmations more powerful. Use Canva to overlay your affirmations on an appropriately inspiring image.

Turn Negatives into Positives

If you are having trouble with constant negative thoughts or beliefs, write them down. Then write an affirmation that is the opposite.

For example:

If you don’t believe you are good enough

  • I am talented
  • I am a skilled professional
  • I am succeeding

8 Quick Tips for Sucess

Affirmations can be used anywhere for any situation

Keep them short

Keep them positive

Repeat them every morning

Record them in your voice

Use Post-it notes and put them everywhere

Take the steps to make it happen

Don’t give up

In Conclusion…

When you use your affirmations daily, you will quickly realise how you can change your life by working on your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Knowing what you want, knowing that you have it, feeling like you have it, generates a positive emotional state.

Try it for yourself and let us know your results.



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